How it began Edit

So, ROBLOX made a 24 hour long Twitch Stream. They keeped it up good and good, but soon, late at night, something bad happened...

Oops Edit

Late at night, ROBLOX turned off the cameras ending the stream... They thought they did, but they didn't turn off... Then, they introduced alcohol in the stream, became drunk, then they talked curse words at the camera, for example "We do not want our game to be a f---" [the original isn't censored], Then they played the game "Wheel Of Fortune".

In the game Edit

A admin was chosen to type in the words, and what they typed was disgusting.

They typed:

"SH-- OF A--

B---H M----RF----R" [The original isn't censored, too.]

What was worse that parents and kids were watching.

[Need more info to the page!]

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